I run this small business in Northern California foothills. I make my jewelry in small batches from my in-home studio.

I am a graphic designer by day and artisan by night. My work in the design field drives my creativity and pushes me to explore new shape combinations and patterns.

All of my designs are inspired by my love of geometric shapes and clean lines. I strive to create jewelry that is affordable and unique. Everything is ready to be paired with any outfit for any occasion.

Outside of my jewelry work I am an artist, a graphic designer, and a clean beauty advocate. If you are interested in working with me or would just like to say hi, please email me at hello@lhduck.com


Creator, Owner & Designer of LHDUCK


If you couldnt already tell I favor gold over silver and love the neutral tones of natural materials – hello bamboo!  I am extrmely picky about the jewelry that I wear which lead me to create a line of pieces that I love. I like simplistic jewelry that makes a statement without being over the top or super flashy.

My hope is that the jewelry that I sell in my shop will be coveted items in your wardrobe that are your go-to pieces.


My jewelry is predominately made with raw brass and all earwires and jump rings are gold-plated brass. The wood components, when present, are bamboo. I occasionally use silver plated components. 


I craft each and every piece in my home studio in Northern California. 

minimalist jewelry


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